Does this also depend on how you define an accident? If someone bumps my car with a shopping cart (or a 1998 Toyota Cressedia) in the parking lot, I have it inspected at a body shop, there is no damage to the frame, structure, or other stuff, but there's a nice crease in the fender, which they fix, paint, and… » 11/18/14 2:22pm 11/18/14 2:22pm

Too bad hollywood is killing the VFX is being poured in, but on a fixed-rate basis to the company that can operate in the location with the largest government subsidy. Then the studios pile on huge amounts of revisions that they don't pay for, and all the directors are AWOL throughout post. Terrible… » 11/17/14 12:41pm 11/17/14 12:41pm

I would say because it messes up the progression of John C Reily's character. He goes from being kind of an ass to the Guardians and not trusting them to trusting them and being thankful to them by the end. That arc isn't nearly as strong if he is shown questioning sending them to the Kiln earlier in the film. » 11/15/14 10:19pm 11/15/14 10:19pm