Really wish we’d get to see NASCAR race in the wet instead of this nonsense. It would be very entertaining racing if somewhat dangerous. Just do a mandatory pit for all cars to rain tires, allow some settings to be adjusted, and send everyone back out. They don’t HAVE to drive 200MPH... » 4/19/15 6:30pm Sunday 6:30pm

The Gorn is bad CGI but they did a really good job of it by the day's standards and for TV. They did everything right with it. It actually has presence. It feels like it's there and that the actors are reacting to a real thing. It just looks bad. But that's ok, you can suspend disbelief for that. It has presence… » 4/17/15 1:35pm 4/17/15 1:35pm

Spec Miatas. They’re all close enough to the same that you could say they’re the “same racecar” since it’s a spec series. There have been SO MANY Spec Miata races. Most races = most wins=most succesful quantitatively. But how do you measure success in a racecar? If it’s about being inspiring and bringing the joy of… » 4/17/15 11:58am 4/17/15 11:58am